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The city fathers of Franklin, Massachusetts once wrote to Benjamin Franklin: "We have named our town after you and would be grateful if you would send a donation so we can get a bell for the church steeple."...

Franklin wrote back: "I'm honored and a donation is enclosed, However, I suggest you start a public library with it instead of buying a bell. I have always preferred sense to sound."

Here are my most popular books on business, marketing and selling. They are available in bookstores, should you prefer to obtain them at your favorite bookstore, although we stock them and will be happy to ship them to you.

I might say a word about books. I have been a voracious reader all my life, and I'm a self-taught speed reader. I believe that "readers are leaders."

I believe that you can find the answer to just about any question, dilemma or situation in some book, somewhere....I believe that in an hour a day of intensive study of every available book on a specific subject, you can be a world-class authority in that subject in two years or less.

I'm very fortunate that my own books have been praised in INC., SUCCESS, USA TODAY, countless newspapers, trade journals and newsletters, and keep doing well, so I get the opportunity to write more.

With my books, I strive to have fun, and make reading them fun; to focus on very practical, useful information; and to come from experience, not theory. I hope you agree that I accomplish those objectives.

- published by Self-Counsel Press*

Here's real-world advice from the front lines of the business battlefield. Includes: how entrepreneurs really make big money.... how to create sales and marketing breakthroughs....making money without to prevail... why and how to build your own mini-conglomerate... even how to get your business out of trouble. The book features 25 ETERNAL TRUTHS about entrepreneurial success. Published by Self-Counsel Press - now in its 3rd Printing. Praised in SUCCESS MAGAZINE, INC. MAGAZINE. This book is a lot of fun to read, provocative, and hard-hitting.

"Real world tips on what it really takes to succeed as an entrepreneur!" -Ted Nicholas, 'How to Form Your Own Corp.'

"Dan Kennedy has no rival when it comes to presenting moneymaking information - and lively reading." -Jerry Wilson, 'Word-Of-Mouth Marketing'

The Ultimate No B.S., No Holds Barred, Kick Butt, Take No Prisoners, and Make Tons Of Money Business Success Book: $8.95 - ORDER NOW!

- published by Self-Counsel Press*

Yes, a sequel! What the first No B.S. book did for (to?) business, this book does for sales and sales professions.....we cut through all the nice theory, worn-out cliches, motivational hype, tired and ineffective advice, and deal straightforwardly with what it really takes to "kick butt!" in selling. If you sell or negotiate for a living, or manage those who do, you've gotta get your hands on this book.

"As a long-time international sales manager, I have a floor-to-ceiling bookcase crammed full of sales success books, and I'd trade every one of them for a single copy of your No BS Sales Success Book. One of my tests for a great book is how many pages I've folded over...14 pages I can't live without! Most books get 2 or 3, max. I like your style. I like your ideas. I like your cut-the-crap approach." -Mark S.A. Smith, The Valence Group, Colorado Springs, Colorado

"I read 'The No B.S. Book' in two sittings, my friend - it's good and funny. I love it." -William Grove, CPAE, Professional Speaker

The Ultimate No B.S. Sales Success Book: $8.95 - ORDER NOW!

- published by Bob Adams Inc.*

This book takes you by the hand through the 28 steps I actually use to write super-powerful sales letters (and ads) for my own purposes and for clients - and I routinely get paid $5,000.00 to $15,000.00 as a copywriter, so this System is proven, valuable and effective. Best of all, with this book by your side, you can write "my kind of" letters for your products or services - even if you think you can't write a grocery list. This is a "must have tool" you will use constantly, not a book to read. It's also the "accompanying text" to THE MAGNETIC MARKETING KIT.

"Thank you for writing THE ULTIMATE SALES LETTER. I first read it in July of 1991 - and have reviewed the highlighted, underlined, noted and dog-eared sections 13 or 14 times. I shamelessly and repeatedly re-read Section 6: and it's added buckets of money to my political fund-raising letters. I bought an extra copy of this book for Perry Willis, National Director for the Libertarian Party. He also swears by it." -Michael Cloud, Speech Writer, Speeches People Talk About, Las Vegas, Nevada.

"The challenge of convincing the organizers of the cruise, none of whom had ever heard of me before, to give me the opportunity of making a presentation remained. I studied your book 'The Ultimate Sales Letter' and wrote my letter, sticking to your guidelines. The letter worked like a dream and I was invited to be a guest chef on the cruise. I then used your techniques again to solicit support from the Barbados Tourism Authority and some key manufacturers - they ALL came forward and participated. Because of this exposure, I've been invited to make another appearance at the Fiery Food Show in New Mexico. You can rest assured that I will continue to use your techniques whenever I need to communicate in print" -.Anne-Marie Whittaker, St. Michael, Barbados, W.I.

The Ultimate Sales Letter: $10.95 - ORDER NOW!

- published by Bob Adams, Inc.*

Here is a complete marketing/direct marketing plan you can "lay over" just about any business, product, service or sales career and shortcut the process of inventing, planning and implementing effective marketing strategies and activities.

If you want a fast, crash course in the best of my marketing strategies, this is it. Companies as diversified as Ski-Doo (snowmobiles and jet ski products) to Sun Securities (investment products and services for securities brokers) have bought hundreds of these books to give to all their salespeople and marketing executives.

The Ultimate Marketing Plan: $10.95 - ORDER NOW!

- published by Kimble & Kennedy Publishing

When you study success, successful people and successful businesses, you will find that they all have many, many differences, a few very important commonalities - focusing on the commonalities is the premise of the classic 'Think And Grow Rich' and the modern Tony Robbins. ("Success leaves clues" - TR.) Now I've gone all that a step simpler; I've isolated THE ONE 'behavioral commonality' shared, used and relied on as a source of power by ALL exceptionally successful individuals. Virtually every great success, business breakthrough, solution to a problem in my life has been the result of applying this single strategy. And I have now written a book about it. In this book, I challenge you to find 'The Ultimate Success Secret' through a fascinating look at many super-achievers' experiences as well as many of my own.

The Ultimate Success Secret: $19.95 - ORDER NOW!

- published Plume Penguin*

Filled with insider info and case history examples for every conceivable way of bringing new ideas and products to market, of growing businesses�including super-charging ordinary business services, getting exclusive control of hot products, 8 best ways to make a fortune from scratch, Information Superhighway, direct-response TV. Much more. The stories behind The Club, Thigh Master, Joan Rovers Products, the Guthy-Renker Corporation, dozens more, plus Dan's Million Dollar Rolodex and a $500-value Product Marketing Evaluation Certificate.

How to Make Millions with Your Ideas Book: $12.95 - ORDER NOW!

- published Plume Penguin*

This book tackles the most-taught truisms about success, turns them inside out, and proves that rules are made to be broken....that there is no one way you must conform to, in order to excel in your chosen field. I share "inside stories" of both famous people and of my clients, and I think you'll find this book is both fun to read and provocative. Rich Karlgaard, Editor of FORBES ASAP, said "The book NO RULES: 21 Giant Lies About Success is energetic, entertaining, inspiring. Best book of its genre in many a year. There are even paragraphs of your writing that are as good as Tom Wolfe's. And I should know, I published an original 7,500 piece by Tom Wolfe." Well, it's not everyday that I get compared favorably to a great American novelist!

NO RULES: 21 Giant Lies About Success: $12.95 - ORDER NOW!

- published by Retice Publishing

This is a co-authored book, with the late Dr. Maxwell Maltz, author of the 30-million copy bestseller Psycho-Cybernetics, and several other contemporary sales trainers and myself. It is a groundbreaking book, in that it is the first presentation of how to use Psycho-Cybernetics in selling, and the first new work from The Psycho-Cybernetics Foundation.

Zero Resistance Selling: $19.95 - ORDER NOW!

- published by Kimble & Kennedy Publishing

Bringing Savvy Direct-Response Marketing And Multi-Level/Network Marketing Together. If you are involved in network/multi-level marketing, you'll be interested in a new book I released in 1997.

Prospecting Sucks: $18.95 - ORDER NOW!

"We use your tapes and newsletter as part of our resource library. I am very impressed with the practical value of the information."

-Julie Wyrick, Missouri Small Business Development Center

"Dan Kennedy is directly responsible for my selling over $500,000 books and videos."

-Darrel Montero, Phoenix, AZ

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