“Discover The 100%- Guaranteed Way To Earn At Least $100,000.00 More From Your Business in The Next Year (and Every Year) – Without Spending Another Dollar Trying To Drum Up New Customers” Starting Today!

This “Secret” Will Either Make You Suicidal OR Richer Than You Can Now Imagine.

“…easily spend over $100,000.00 and you will NOT FIND THIS INFORMATION anywhere else.”

You can go buy EVERY book ever published, EVERY course ever sold on the subject of Joint Venture Systems and Back-end Marketing, go through EVERY “guru’s” works on this topic, easily spend over $100,000.00 and you will NOT FIND THIS INFORMATION anywhere else.

My library is massive. I know just about everybody in this field who teaches or consults. Some charge as much as $15,000.00 to attend their seminars. NONE OF THEM PROVIDE THE COPIOUS, PRACTICAL, STEP-BY-STEP INSTRUCTIONS AND SUPPORTING EXAMPLES THAT I DO HERE, FOR A COMPLETE JOINT VENTURE, BACK-END MARKETING AND WEALTH-BUILDING SYSTEM.

The enormity of all the money you’ve been letting slip through your fingers, the realization of giant opportunities squandered….. the sophisticated complexity of this information….. the “to-do list” it lays out for you….. it all may be too much for you to take. You may be depressed. You may go looking for a ledge. (Please, just have an adult beverage. Calm down. Return it for refund. Forget it.)


You will be motivated like never before in your life by the epic opportunities lying right in front of you to dramatically increase your profits and income, to use the “back-end” of your business as a fast wealth accumulator. Maybe even to reinvent your entire business for the better.

Dan Kennedy
Paper-‘n- Ink Alchemist

If someone you knew to be enormously successful, who you respected and trusted offered to reveal to you THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT SECRET that makes the difference in business between huge profits, wealth, and ideal lifestyle vs. struggling just to earn a modest income — would you pay attention?

And what might you pay for that coaching session, where such a secret would be revealed?

On top of that, what if this person offered an IRON-CLAD GUARANTEE, that the little-known, little-understood information he would reveal would be worth at least $100,000.00 in added wealth to you in the first 12 months you possessed it alone?

I’m that person, and the ‘secret’ is the subject of this letter.

My name is Dan Kennedy, and if you are receiving this letter, you probably are already quite familiar with me, and have heard me speak, attended my seminars, maybe receive my newsletter and have already profited from knowing me.

However, what you may not know is, that it is THIS SECRET, more so than any or all other know-how I’ve acquired in 30 years, that has been directly responsible for the following achievements, which might also be appealing for you:

  1. To make a very large income from serving a surprisingly small number of customers, thus enjoying a simple, low-stress business.
  2. To create very predictable, dependable income. For the past 4 years, I have predicted my next year’s income 10 to 12 months in advance and been within 5% of the target each year.
  3. To get wealthy fast. Personally, I’ve created more wealth for myself in the past 6 years than in the previous 24. I have clients who’ve multiplied their wealth by as much as 100-times in just a few years by applying this SECRET to their businesses.
  4. To make a business saleable for a large “exit payday.” That may or may not interest you in the short-term, but take the long view. I did sell a part of my business in 1999, for a substantial sum, plus continuing compensation. I did so in a field where 99% of all businesses are never saleable! Why? THIS SECRET.
  5. To multiply your income without multiplying your work, hours or headaches.

“…one idea I got from you recently pulled in over $102,396.17 in less than 47 days!”

“Dan, your information is worth more than its weight in gold! Just one idea I got from you recently pulled in over $102,396.17 in less than 47 days! In fact, on my biggest day, I brought in a whopping $ 35,772.83. When I told my wife, she got angry – because with your idea, I made in ONE DAY what it takes her ONE FULL YEAR to make as a full-time veterinarian! (I made it up 10 her by buying her a new home – with four acres for her new horse). That one idea paid for all of the books, courses, and seminars (including travel and food) I’ve ever bought from you. In fact, I could spend $7,500.00 a year on your products for the next 10 years – and still not spend all of the money I made with this one brilliant idea. You’ve got a client for life. Thanks again, Dan.

Investing my money in your marketing information has brought better returns than the stock market on its best day – and I don’t. have to worry about any risk!

Jeff Gardner, President, Success Achievement

Once THIS SECRET is fully deployed in your business, you’ll be on a most unusual economic curve, able to work less and less yet make more and more.

Now this may shock you, but I am going to reveal THE SECRET right here in this letter. No charge. Nothing to buy.

This violates a rule of writing sales letters, incidentally; never to educate, only to persuade and motivate. However, if you were properly selected to receive this letter, then I have every reason to believe you are a bit “smarter than the average bear”, so that I can go ahead and give you quite a bit of information and then let you arrive at your own decision about acting on it, and trust you’ll do so, without relying on a lot of fancy salesmanship. We’ll see.

Anyway, whether I’m nuts for doing so, or not, I’m going to start teaching, not selling, so please get a highlighter or pen to underline and make notes, because you’ll probably want to keep this letter, reflect on it, possibly share it with associates.

What “THE Secret” Is Not

Let me begin by telling you — maybe surprising you — with what THE SECRET is not.

It is not attitudinal. While attitude, mind-set, self-motivation, etc. are all extremely important, and there most certainly are critically important differences between the way super-successful entrepreneurs think vs. the way everybody else thinks, this still is NOT the most powerful point of wealth-leverage. Not even close.

It is not “direct response marketing.” While avoiding traditional advertising like the plague is mandatory, and understanding and using direct marketing, from powerful copy to the right media, is all part of the winning formula, it is NOT the most important key to a giant income.

It is not “target marketing” either. While zeroing in only on high probability prospects, and marketing efficiently is very beneficial, that isn’t THE SECRET either.

Oh, and it is not business specific, either. As you know, I’m in the “information marketing business” as are many of my clients, Platinum Inner Circle Members, and joint venture partners, so I’ve been applying THE SECRET to those kinds of businesses. But THE SECRET has near-universal application. Odds are great, to your particular business, too. Small or large, local or national, product or service, doesn’t matter. Your key to unprecedented financial success and freedom is this SECRET.

Also, this is NOT related to any one “breakthrough opportunity”, like the Internet, or Websites, or e-mail, or FAXing, or whatever. It’s bigger than such things. But it is NOT vague and conceptual either; it is hard-as-nails practical.

Who’s kidding who — there really aren’t any secrets left, are there????

Okay, you got me.

Truth is, as secrets go, what I’m about to lay out before you isn’t much of a secret. Not like, say, Bill Clinton’s Black Book or the engineering plans for a stealth bomber. Maybe you’ll feel a bit of a let-down when I pull back the cover and show it to you…but…

Keep two very important things in mind:

First, I assure you that the reason 95% of all business owners and entrepreneurs never get beyond earning a living, to creating gigantic income, profits, wealth and freedom is this “thing” we’re about to discuss. And if just about ANY businessperson were to re-focus the bulk of his attention, energy and effort to this “thing”, his income would take off like a rocket.

Second, there’s quite a gap between knowing about a ‘secret’ and knowing what to do about what you know — and then doing it.

That’s why, after discussing this with you, I, of course, do want to offer you an action step, a way to do what 95% won’t do; to get focused on and into productive action on this ‘secret’ immediately.


Now, here it is:

Every businessperson is way too focused on the “front-end” of his business, the getting of customers, the making of sales — and barely pays any attention at all to the “back-end” of the business. Yet, “the back-end” is where all the real opportunities lie.

Yeah, maybe you already knew that.

But let’s dig deeper…..Forget about whether you know it or not, and honestly confront this question:

If I offered you $1,000.00 right now to show me, in diagram form, your thorough, comprehensive, detailed SYSTEM for creating maximum value and getting maximum income from each customer that enters your business, would you be chest-beating proud of your system????

Most business owners would rather strip naked in the center of town at high noon than show me their “back-end marketing system.

…my relationship with you is directly responsible for over $500,000.00 in sales in less than 2 years.

“140,000.00 in business in 4 days, and a big chunk of that was extra revenue I’d have never seen without the one suggestion you gave me. If I’d been using that one since the first of the year, I’d be at least $100,000.00 farther ahead.”

“Here’s a much deserved testimonial. I should have sent you this formal thank-you sooner, but I’ve been so busy making money with all the killer marketing stuff I’ve learned from you, I haven’t taken the time.

Anyway, my relationship with you is directly responsible for over $500,000.00 in sales in less than 2 years.”

Joe Polish, Piranha Marketing, Inc.

Well, it’s time to do something about that.

Listen, all the cost is in getting the customer. The giant profits can’t come from there. The giant profits must come after the first sale.

How much do I know about that? The President of the largest company in my own field, in the information products, multi-media programs, newsletter, etc. business told me straight out that the average 5-year value of a customer to them, after first purchase, was $180.00. At the time, the average 5-year value of a customer to me, after first purchase, was $3,500.00. And most of my customers are his customers, our lists overlap!

Hey, that means I can make just as much money as he does with just 1/20th the work, 1/20th the overhead, 1/20th the infrastructure, 1/20th the responsibility.

It also means, if he wasn’t so pig-headed stupid, set in his ways, and lazy, I could quickly make his business 20-TIMES (!!!) MORE VALUABLE.

Why Do I Get Twenty Times More Value Per Customer Than He Does???

Quite frankly, if you don’t have a burning desire to know the answer to that question, then you have missed the point of this entire letter, and might as well stop reading now. If what I just said doesn’t turn up the heat under your curiosity to a white-hot level, you’re just not the person I thought you were. If you don’t instantly recognize that knowing the answer(s) to that one question could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars (or more) to you, then bail out right here.

If you “get it”, then you instantly know YOU MUST GET YOUR HANDS ON EVERY LITTLE DETAIL, EVERY SECRET-WITHIN-THE-SECRET behind this amazing 20-times multiple.

If I told you I was going to reveal it only to whoever showed up at a special meeting at noon tomorrow in Chicago, would you grab your toothbrush and head for the airport?

Well, the key word above is “system.”
Not accident.

You see, I have a painstakingly detailed, thoroughly engineered, fully integrated, admittedly complex “SYSTEM” for making your customers 20-times more valuable to you than they are now. In fact, it took two full days to teach it. Which I did, one time only, earlier this year. (And never will again.)

When I walk a client through this “system” start to finish, from scratch, it typically takes one to two days, at my base fee of $6,800.00, $13,600.00 for the two days. I just did exactly that with an owner of a pretty big mail-order company, and we uncovered five hidden, unexploited back-end opportunities in his business. Each one is very, very conservatively worth $500,000.00 to him first year. Who knows what I’d find for you. (He told his staff we’d just had a three-million dollar day. And he’s no dummy. He’s built a 20-million dollar business from scratch.)

That’s why, after dealing with this as only a small part of my last-ever, 3-day “Information Publishing & Advanced Direct Marketing Boot Camp”, the attendees there DEMANDED A FOLLOW-UP SEMINAR ONLY DEVOTED TO “BACK-END.”
Now think about that for just a minute. A couple hundred people have traveled from as far away as Australia, paid about $3,500.00 each to be in the room, been with me for three long days — are they tired? Burnt-out? Heard enough? No. Instead, they are literally lined up urging me to immediately schedule and take their money to devote two more days just to fully exploring this single topic.

Dan Kennedy’s “Joint Venture Marketing and Back-End Systems”

A Very Small Sampling Of The Joint Venture & Backend Secrets That Are Covered On These 12 CD's


1. The three "concerns" of the potential joint venture marketer you must ably answer to get the deal you want -- whether he enunciates them or not

2. How to domino one good JV into dozens

3. The secret to getting lots of other marketers to eagerly use your offers as package inserts, newsletter inserts, mailings to their lists, etc.

4. How to do cheapskate, highly efficient parasite marketing to a big list

5. Discussion of Joint Venture Marketing with JEFF PAUL, author 'How To Make $4,000.00 A Day Sitting At Your Kitchen Table In Your Underwear'

6. JV details.....how much to pay, how to structure deals, etc.


7. The one thing every product should do, that most don't

8. A list of every possible kind of back-end info-product

9. How to sell a back-end product and get paid for it months before it is completed (legally)

10. Why and how to use "the layaway plan" approach to collecting for big-ticket and/or future delivery products

11. Understanding "the membership upgrade" as back-end product

12. How to create situations that force upgrades

13. Why, when and how to sell "the everything bundle" of products or services

14. The secret super-profitable "mega buyers" hidden in your customer base and how to find them

15. How to take the same back-end product and sell it several different times by varying pricing, bundling, formats, means of delivery

16 How to apply the Hollywood secret of "sequels" to your back-end business....... periodically re-cycle successful promotions...... build a year-long schedule of back-end offers in advance

17. How to buy great business, self-help, how-to and other books from major publishers and famous authors at 20-cents on the dollar to use as bonuses, "stick" gifts, and member gifts

18. The amazing opportunities in re-selling "marketing utilities" (Websites, e-mail, auto- responders, broadcast FAX, broadcast voice) to your customers..... get paid every month, do zero work

19. The secret of locking customers into services that can be disconnected, for VERY secure and predictable continuing income (like being the utility company)

20. Five different opportunities for selling the same "seminar-in-a-box" product


21. Three ways to do "would you like to SuperSize that?" upselling

22. An example of an upsell on an order form that pulls 44% conversions

23. How to "switch" the buyer from free bonuses to a profitable upsell

24. How to add "forced continuity" to your offers and order forms. (This was literally invented by Dan's Platinum Members for their businesses, and is a hugely profitable add-on sales strategy.)

25. How to make every box you ship or package you deliver sell something for you

......use these strategies to significantly increase your average transaction size, so you can better offset customer acquisition costs, easily afford more frequent and consistent communication with customers, and enjoy higher profit margins and better cash flow.


26. Everything you ever wanted to know about a catalog of your own

27. Right and wrong ways and times to use your catalog (vs. solo offers)

28. What one offer must be in your catalog


29. The secret to getting lots of other marketers to eagerly use your offers as package inserts, newsletter inserts, mailings to their lists, etc.

30. The three "concerns" of the potential joint venture marketer you must ably answer to get the deal you want -- whether he enunciates them or not

31. How to domino one good JV into dozens

32. How to do cheapskate, highly efficient parasite marketing to a big list

33. Discussion of Joint Venture Marketing with JEFF PAUL, author 'How To Make $4,000.00 A Day Sitting At Your Kitchen Table In Your Underwear'

34. JV details.....how much to pay, how to structure deals, etc.


35. Getting paid very well for access to your lists and/or use of your endorsement

36. Getting paid once vs. getting paid over and over again, on life value of the customer acquired through your toll booth

37. Why and when to exchange lists

38. How to trade your "dead leads", expired subscribers and/or inactive customers for "fresh value"

39. The secret of "sponsorships"..... how one marketer sends 225,000 catalogs to his customers and has all the printing and postage costs paid for him (Hey, if you can't make money under that scenario, you just can't make money!)


40. An inside look at both sides: being a Licensor, being a Licensee

41. Five ways you can make money licensing your content, technology, products, etc. -- a million dollar opportunity you may be overlooking

42. Exclusive vs. non-exclusive licensing

43. Discussion with Michael Kimble and John Alanis re. licensing examples

"...fully understanding joint ventures, toll positions and licensing can provide more leverage (financial and time) for your business than anything else, so you can grow faster, receive multiple streams of continuing passive income, and increase the value of your customers without the necessity of creating more products and services or doing more work.

What you DON'T know about these strategies could very well mean you are working much too hard for the income you have, and leaving large sums of easily acquired income behind.


44. How to price a paid subscription newsletter

45. When to offer it to your customers

46. How to build a powerful subscription offer

47. Pros, cons, and how-to's for free trial or low price trial offers

48. The most profitable secret about renewals ever discovered

49. How to "pitch" in the newsletter..... how much to sell, how many offers, how often, etc.


50. Why, when and how to use Audio to sell

51. Why, when and how to use Video to sell

52. Why, when and how to use Tele-Seminars to sell

53. Why, when and how to use FAXing to sell

54. Why, when and how to use e-mail to sell

55. Why, when and how to use broadcast-voice to sell

56. What one piece of information about your customers automatically gives you 12 super promotion opportunities a year?


57. The #1 "unpleasant truth" you must never fight

58. Understanding a business' maturity cycle.....relationships between front-end and back-end

59. Capitalizing on the "peak moment in time" when your customers' value is at its highest

60. How to thoroughly analyze, segment and micro-manage your customer list


61. Understanding how to create a huge monthly income stream with coaching programs (and minimize the work)

62. How to promote "big payday" events (whether you speak or not)

63. Discussion with Craig Forte about his successful coaching program and its marketing


64. How to create an affiliate program that works -- and will bring you money and customers at zero out-of-pocket expense

65. How to retain and satisfy customers by delivering content and services via web sites and e-publishing

66. Discussion with Ken McCarthy


67. Successful info-marketers show their marketing materials, ads, FAXes, etc., discuss strategies, results.". hear from people who are doing it!!!

Isn’t that amazing?

What does it tell you of the obvious importance of this?

I Want You To Know: I Had No Thought Of Ever Letting What Was Discussed In These Two Days Go Beyond That Room. I Was Opposed To Even Recording It At All.

The only people permitted to attend the 2-day “Back-End Marketing Mastermind Meeting”, were those who were at the “Information Publishing & Advanced Direct Marketing Boot Camp*.” It was a closed-door meeting. It was never offered to my Inner Circle Members “at large”, at all.

Each person at the “Back-End Marketing Meeting” paid approximately $2,000.00 to be there. Obviously, they took it seriously.

It was not my intent to do anything but meet their needs, and go over with them in-group EVERYTHING that I employ when working with private clients, and EVERYTHING that has enabled me to leverage a very small number of customers and a very simple business into wealth.

Literally days before the event, Michael Kimble called and urged me to record it. I argued against doing so. I wanted the freedom to discuss things that were not necessarily for public consumption. I had no interest in turning this into a “product.” But he was persistent, persuasive, and offered to pay for the entire recording cost himself, even if I never OK’d doing anything with it, just to have the tapes for his own use. So we taped.

Of course, those in attendance all wanted the recordings, and I let them buy them. Months passed afterward before Michael began pestering me, to make these tapes available to customers who weren’t there. He insisted that this was the most valuable information I had ever taught, period, and not to make it available was inexcusable. I listened to it all again, and talked with some of the people who had been there, including Platinum Members, and finally came around. The information in these one-of-a-kind audios IS far too important and valuable to keep private. And since I’m now at a point where I really don’t care about doing more consulting work, there’s no real reason for me to be so guarded about this.

I have agreed to let Michael offer this Seminar-In-Your-Home version, and I wrote this letter for that purpose. But there are caveats.

One, that it carries a hefty price tag. I do not want my most valuable know-how dispensed to anyone who does not properly value it. You ought to at least pay as much to have it delivered into your hands as you’d have to pay for an airplane ticket to come and get it.

Two, that you sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement concerning its use. (It’s on the Order Form.)

Three, a warning that this is far, far from “101 stuff.” THIS IS VERY ADVANCED, INSIDER INFORMATION. Frankly, it is complicated. Many business owners’ eyes glaze over and they refuse to apply themselves to understanding and using these strategies. It may be too much for you to handle, too. I don’t know. This is for serious individuals with real businesses who will work. If that’s not you, if you find it overwhelming, I do NOT want you to lose a penny, so….

“…directly added no less than $336,000.00 to my sales last year.”

“I have purchased thousands of dollars’ worth of Dan Kennedy’s books, tapes, newsletters, special reports and have had him speak at two of my Marketing Boot Camps held for the photography industry. His wealth of business-growing ideas have helped me grow personally and professionally – and directly added no less than $336,000.00 to my sales last year.”

John R. Hartman, President, Contemporary Photography, Stevens Point, WI

Two Guarantees:

I insisted on two guarantees. The first is UN-conditional. Review everything for up to three full months. If you don’t agree it’ll increase your income 20-times, and if you aren’t immediately acting on specific opportunities, please return it for a full refund. Do NOT let this sit on a shelf. If it’s “wrong” for you, if you’re not going to use it, don’t keep it. Get your money back.

The second is CONDITIONAL. It is an extra guarantee, only for those people who have businesses up and running. After 12 full months, if you can demonstrate that you used any three suggestions from the entire 2-days’ recordings and manuals, haven’t profited by $100,000.00 as a result, you just write in, tell us about it, and still get a full refund.

Regardless of whether the second, extra guarantee applies to you or not, you have THREE FULL MONTHS’ FREE PREVIEW AND USE.

…The detail that the various backend tools were covered in was amazing. Newsletters, bootcamps, joint ventures, internet marketing, tele-seminars, coaching programs, marketing utilites…

“It’s hard to believe that Dan could out do the last Info Seminar, but he did. The secret to business is the back-business. The two days were so complete, so detailed, so “leave no stone unturned” my head is swimming. Here are the five things that most impressed me about Dan’s “Back-End Marketing Seminar”:

“First, I was wondering how Dan could top or even equal the three days he did on Information Marketing back in July. To make a long story short, he did. How he manages to continually “push the envelope” with each new program the way he does is a mystery to me. I can’t think of any single speaker in any field who pulls this kind of thing off so consistently. Just when you think you’ve gotten every last bit of info he could possibly share, he pulls yet another rabbit out of his hat.

“Second, I was impressed by some of the people in the audience who stayed for every minute of the two days furiously taking notes throughout. People like Jeff Paul and Craig Forte who are grand masters of back-end marketing in their own right.

“Third, the detail that the various back-end tools were covered in was amazing. Newsletters, boot camps, joint ventures, Internet marketing, tele-seminars, coaching programs, marketing utilities. Any marketer who can’t at least double his net with this material in six months or less least isn’t serious. Marketing advice just doesn’t come any clearer or better and this comment is from someone who has a solid wall of books on marketing and advertising.

“Fourth, the number of deals I was able to cut just being there paid my expenses by the end of day one. If all the seminar did was put me in a room with the attendees, it would have been worth ten times the price.

“Fifth, the two days completely re-ignited my passion for my business. I used to be a fairly accomplished info product marketer (grossing an average of $357 per year per customer in my database with a one-man, part-time effort.) Building an Internet services company has distracted me a bit. Now that business is on automatic pilot, I’m ready to pour myself back into the info business and now I feel completely and totally well armed to do so.

“Costly mistakes that I’ve been making that these two days helped me see: not mailing to my customers enough, not begin aggressive enough in doing joint ventures, not having a continuity program. It’s hard to give numbers at this point , but we have a new product that I expected would gross us about $30,000.00 a year. Just employing some of the ideas I learned from Dan, we will probably hit that in the next few months and this is almost certain to be a $100,000.00+ deal by the end of the year. And it’s just a front-end, lead-generator. And we’re really only just getting started. Not bad for a very part time sideline that occupies a couple of hours a week for one of my staff.

“I’m still just scratching the surface of all the value I received. Please let me know when the tapes are available. You’ve got an instant buyer when they are. Thanks. Dan’s work always ends up being a super-bargain.”

Ken McCarthy
Pioneer Internet Marketer

These Secrets Will Either Make You Suicidal OR Richer Than You Can Now Imagine.

The enormity of all the money you’ve been letting slip through your fingers, the realization of giant opportunities squandered….. the sophisticated complexity of this information….. the “to-do list” it lays out for you….. it all may be too much for you to take. You may be depressed. You may go looking for a ledge. (Please, just have an adult beverage. Calm down. Return it for refund. Forget it.)


You will be motivated like never before in your life by the epic opportunities lying right in front of you to dramatically increase your profits and income, to use the “back-end” of your business as a fast wealth accumulator. Maybe even to reinvent your entire business for the better.

“Wait, There’s More…”

Would getting new customers FOR FREE interest you?

Would having other business owners selling your goods or services for you to their customers, with their endorsement interest you?

Would getting paid just for endorsing others to your customers interest you?

I have clients who have put from $30,000.00 to $700,000.00 in the bank from a single JV. JOINT VENTURE MARKETING links “front-end” and “back-end” in unique ways. Understanding where and how to find and work with Joint Venture Marketing Partners can give you HUGE paydays like no other opportunity or method I have ever seen. This, too, is covered from A-to-Z in these same CD’s

You also get these tools so you can put them to use immediately. Here’s what you get with your “Joint Venture Marketing Toolkit”:

REPRINT RIGHTS to a MILLION DOLLAR SALES LETTER that will solicit joint ventures for you. I know for a fact this letter has been used by Michael Kimble and other entrepreneurs to quickly set up dozens of very profitable joint ventures.

REPRINT RIGHTS to a new SPECIAL REPORT titled, “FREE MONEY: Secrets Of High-Profit, Zero-Cost Joint Venture Marketing.” Most business people are afraid of Joint Ventures because they don’t understand them. Yet, when they see why JV’s are so profitable, the light in their head comes on, and they come running. They just need to be educated. Want an easy way to educate and get set-up with joint ventures? Just mail this “already done for you” Report to your JV prospects with the proven sales letter above. These ‘tools’ educate and sell your JV prospects on the benefits of doing joint ventures with you.

REPRINT RIGHTS to a JOINT VENTURE AGREEMENT FORM. Once you’re set-up with a JV, have your partner sign this Form to insure your venture runs smoothly and that you get paid on time. This simple Agreement Form of “two typed pages” is one of the cornerstones of joint venture success, and I wouldn’t do one without it.

COMPLETE WRITTEN TRANSCRIPTS of the 12 audio CD’s to make note-taking, highlighting, and and refer to key ideas and strategies as easy as possible for you.

A GIANT “SWIPE FILE” OF ADS, SALES LETTERS, CATALOG PAGES and other marketing tools and examples discussed during the Seminar

If $697.00) strikes you as “stiff”, I’m not going to try and convince you otherwise. But I do honestly believe it’ll multiply your income 20-fold. Or if you’re just starting out in business, it’ll get you to terrific profits much, much, much quicker and have you operating my system from the git-go.

The Ultimate Moneymaking Advantage Is Waiting For You

I’ve worked quite closely with people who’ve gotten very, very rich as ‘marketing entrepreneurs’ in a variety of businesses. I’ve also worked with those who struggle but never seem to get ahead. And some who’ve failed miserably. The successes do certain things the others are simply unwilling to do. Most of those things occur in the “back-end” of the business.

Let me tell you “a tale of two companies”…..

“Company #1” went from zero to about 10-million dollars a year, but then stalled there for a number of years. Some years up, some years down. “Company #2”, after ten years of hovering at that same ten million dollar benchmark, suddenly shot up to 50-million, then 100-million, then 200-million dollars a year!

Actually “Company #1” and “Company #2” are one and the same. But they are like a set of “before” and “after” pictures for what I want to teach you about “back-end wealth opportunities.”

Through their many $10-million years, they were 90% focused on front-end. In their few short years skyrocketing to $200-million, they switched to 90% focus on back-end.

I believe this is the ultimate competitive edge, the ultimate moneymaking advantage. Now I am willing to give it to you in painstaking, complete detail. Bluntly, if you’re half as smart as the list you’re on would indicate, you’ll grab this before I change my mind. Yet, we know, statistically, in spite of the guarantees, my reputation, everything, only about 10%, maybe 15% of the carefully selected people receiving this letter will accept my offer. And even though I’m “old” and experienced and perfectly content with such results, and know better than to expect otherwise, I’m still endlessly curious about (and sometimes amused by) the thinking of the “don’t-ers”. So, if you’re not going to get this resource, and you want to make a fast, easy $20.00, send a letter to me c/o Michael Kimble’s office and tell me your reasons for saying ‘no.’


Dan Kennedy
Paper-‘n- Ink Alchemist
Toll-free: 877-636-9631 or 541-736-9631


How To Turn A Single Sale Into A Multi-Million Dollar Business

Have you ever wondered why certain businesses are only marginally successful while their competitors seem to grow by leaps and bounds? I’ll let you in on a secret: it all has to do with how they go about getting more new customers or clients.

The sad fact is, most businesses don’t have a clue about how to increase their customer or client base and steadily grow larger and more profitable. That won’t be the case for you any more.

In this special report, you’ll discover an incredibly simple, yet deadly accurate way to get more new customers or clients than you ever dreamed possible. These are the specific techniques Bob developed for his own business when he was first starting out. Bob didn’t have much money, so he needed something that was inexpensive and that would produce substantial results quickly.


How To Quadruple Your Online Income With Low-End Products — Video Tutorial

In this video tutorial, I’ll reveal one of my existing sites outside of the “internet marketing” niche to show you how I increase the profit of the business by four times, simply by applying the “upsell” strategy taught in BackEnd Mastery Training Program. This is not a “mock” site setup to prove you something — This is a real life case study that is still active and cashing in profit for me. You’ll discover:

  • How to convince your prospect to ‘bite’ on the front-end product without getting them to suspect anything except that you’re giving great value to them
  • What must happen to drastically increase the upsell sales conversion
  • How to use the ‘second chance’ sale tactic to get your front-end customer to buy other products from you on autopilot


The Upsell Strategy Video Tutorial

In this exclusive never-revealed-before video tutorial, I’m going to take you behind the scenes of how $36,316.65 was generated within 24 hours in a seminar room from a low-cost product of $49.95

To generate over $30K, I’ve actually embedded the back-end strategy in the launch promotion. In this video tutorial, I’ll show what exactly what happened and how you should apply the same strategy for your online business to increase at least 20% of your income automatically.


One-Time-Offer Maximizer Software

This is a unique software that will create a ‘one-time-offer’ for your prospects. Here’s how it works– You’ll be presenting to them a special offer for them to buy but if they decided not to order at that moment of time, they won’t be able to order it at the special offer anymore. Basically, if they missed to ‘lock-in’ your special offer, it’s gone. Now, this will make your prospect’s heart pumping really fast to order!

The software can be integrated into your promotion easily to create a powerful upsell/downsell/cross-sell strategy. The sky’s the limit of how you want to present your offer profitably. My advice? Go through the Back End Mastery Training Program and you’ll find the gems how to get the best out of this powerful software. Then USE IT.


The Back-End Mastery Training Program Action Sheets

You’ll have the 5 Action Sheets you fill out as you follow the course to develop your blueprint. I’ll guide you step-by-step covering all the latest techniques and strategies of back-end selling you can use immediately without having to spend thousands of dollars to buy more programs.

These are not just ideas but practical tools that can be used immediately to improve your conversion rates — My coaching clients are using them.


Backend Cash Manuscript How One Marketer Made More Than One Million Dollars In Less Than 30 Days With a Money Magnifier System” That Works Like Magic!

Only 1% of marketers in the world today have discovered it. But what it can do for you and your business is nothing short of spectacular!

You simply MUST get your hands on this breakthrough resource — right away. You’ll discover the 6 common misconceptions about high-end products that are costing 99% of marketers a HUGE fortune today how to set yourself apart in any marketplace (even deter competitors from entering YOUR markets) how to make 10 times, 50 times, even 100 times as much money from a single sale and MUCH, MUCH more!


‘Advanced’ Backend Strategies You Can Use To Blast Past The Bottom-Feeders (eBook and Cheap Report Sellers) Into The Big Leagues and the BIG MONEY!

In less than 1/2; hours, you’ll know how to make money on the backend by eliminating your front end product altogether! (Yes it’s shocking — but it’s also absolutely on the mark!) how to double your closing percentages on expensive backend products how to get joint venture partners to eagerly come to you wanting to promote your next product how to make even more money with bumps, up-sells, cross-sells, endorsements, and affiliate programs how to build a ‘sub-list’ of your best customers and automatically save yourself hours of time every week and MUCH, MUCH more!


The “Hidden Money Finder” Software.

Not only will this software reveal where the hidden money in your business really is, it can literally save you thousands of dollars from disastrous marketing campaigns. This software will show you how to make money (and lots of it) with terrible response percentages, and why you are leaving a ton of net profit on the table by not implementing the “back-end” marketing techniques revealed on the CD’s described in this letter.

Not only will this software reveal where the hidden money in your business really is, it can literally save you thousands of dollars from disastrous marketing campaigns. This software will show you how to make money (and lots of it) with terrible response percentages, and why you are leaving a ton of net profit on the table by not implementing the “back-end” marketing techniques revealed on the CD’s described in this letter.



Joint venture and affiliate marketing  are the ultimate in zero-risk advertising because all the marketing is done for you, in exchange for a share of the sale.

But, unless you’re a web design whizz kid, a powerhouse copywriter or you have deep pockets, crafting compelling affiliate and JV attraction pages and sales scripts whether they’re for your JV invite video, for emails, or for posting in the groups/forums  can be crippling hard, take you weeks or even months and can often times turn out to be a fruitless exercise if you don’t get the results you’d hoped for.

Let me fast track you. And better yet, let me give you all the email templates, VSL scripts and webpages you need to attract affiliates and ensure that you have a super successful product launch.

Our DFY package includes  20 market-tested JV and Affiliate Marketing Templates – for virtually any application and business.

  •  Simple Recruitment Email Template - This “copy and paste” template takes the mystery out of what to say to effortlessly land quality JV partners or affiliates by the boatload...
  •  Powerful Follow-Up Email Template - This one takes up where the first email left off to further influence, persuade, and win over more new partners - even though they failed to respond to the first email dispatch you sent ( a great way to capture new partners who otherwise would have been lost)...
  • Interview Request Email Template - this one makes it shockingly easy to connect with the “top dogs” in your niche and ultimately get your name associated with all kinds of market leaders
  • Guest-Posting Email Template - This pre-written gem helps you avoid the “trial and error” learning most new marketers are forced to endure and helps you cut through the clutter to land those lucrative posts on high-traffic blogs - and reap the juicy rewards!

Also included are these highly effective, eye catching, and sales-getting pages and scripts:

Put all 9 of these amazing products together and you’ve got a kick-ass marketing “system” that could easily beat the pants off most programs available today ” online or offline.

Think about if for a minute.

You’re getting a stunning collection my prized and hand-picked bonuses here. I paid thousands of dollars in licensing fees just to be able to offer these fine products to you. But you’re NOT just getting them at a great deal at a reduced price. You’re getting them all FREE — as my personal gift to you.

Your decision should be a no-brainer. I know if you’re serious about your marketing success, you’ll snap these up in a hurry.

Success Strategies International Inc is an authorized licensee of Kimble-Kennedy Publishing Division and is not in any way whatsoever affiliated with or endorsed by Dan Kennedy, Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle or any other business entities with which the author, Dan Kennedy, has connection.

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