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“How would you like to have me – Dan Kennedy – sitting in your office, waiting, “on call”, to leap to attention and give you my very best advice, answer, or strategy any minute you need it, day or night?”

Get Instant Access To A Jaw-Dropping Collection of 979 “quick-fix” solutions to every obstacle, roadblock and problem you’ll EVER face in your business – it’s like having Dan Kennedy as your 24/7 consultant on speed-dial!

From: Dan Kennedy


Dear Friend,  

I want to tell you about a moneymaking tool extraordinaire, that I have invested 19 years in making. It is called POWER POINTS, and it is, by far and away, the most valuable and important tool or product of any kind I’ve ever brought forward, and I can’t wait to describe it to you in all of its glorious detail.

The problem: how to access what I know efficiently, to get what you need, when you need it.

The answer: POWER POINTS. 

Let me explain how this tool was built. 

Two years ago, a very capable editor and organized-thinker, very familiar with my work, took everything we could find that I had said, taught, recorded, or written, published and unpublished, even consulting session notes, since 1975…….quite literally a trailer-truck full of raw material……and set out to edit out all the duplication, pull together all the gems, and get it organized into categories and disciplines, somewhat like an encyclopedia. It took her nearly an entire year of very dedicated effort. I invested a large sum of money in her efforts. Now I’ve been working with what she delivered, to make it even more useable and accessible.

In total, 19 years of my experience and nearly 3 years of arduous labor have gone into assembling POWER POINTS for you. 

Here was my goal, my idea: 

At any time, for any specific purpose, you could go right to the proper place in this tool and get a quick, concise refresher- what would Dan Kennedy think and say about this?

So, let’s say you’re getting ready to go and give a speech, to persuade 10 or 10,000 to accept your proposition or buy your products. You could instantly yank me into the room and get a quick download of my best advice and strategies for group selling, platform selling, and public speaking. 

Or let’s say you’re putting together a new sales letter or advertisement, and you’re stumped on the offer. You get me to instantly beam down into the chair next to your desk and reel off my very best suggestions for building the most powerful, magnetic offers possible. 

Or, you’re about to get on the phone and negotiate a deal with a particularly difficult client. Blink your eyes like Barbara Eden and — zap — there I am, to go over a handful of key ideas about winning in negotiations.

Many of my students have been asking for a resource like this for years. Maybe you’re one of them. It’s finally here. Now you can keep me on the shelf right next to your desk, ask me a question any time you want to, and get an instant answer. (If you’ve profited at all from what I’ve provided to you so far, why wouldn’t you jump at this?) 

What is a Power Point anyway? 

A Power Point is something so important, so critical, so pivotal that it alone can make or break the project, the marketing piece, the ad, the letter, the phone call, the presentation, the entrepreneurial plan of action. 

A Power Point is something so useful, influential and effective it can resolve even a seemingly enormous problem, can break through paralysis of analysis, provide light in darkness to show you the best way out. 

A Power Point is THE factor, the idea, the principle, the truth that makes THE difference between success and failure. 

In my new POWER POINTS Manuals, I’ve identified 979 of these Power Points, divided into 3 main categories: 

1. Advertising, Marketing & Sales 

2. Personal Achievement & Productivity 

3. Entrepreneurship & Business Success ……

but there are a gazillion sub-categories. Just for example, in “Advertising, Marketing & Sales,” there are sub-categories like: Headlines….. Offers….. Guarantees…… Consumer Psychology….. Multi-Step Marketing….. Lead-Generation….. Sense Of Urgency….. Positioning….. and many, many more.

The INDEX is darned near magical. Putting together the Index was almost as herculean a project as was doing everything else.

This is a detailed, cross-cross-cross referenced, highly organized, easy to use Index, so you can get from question or topic to answers fast. Every Power Point is numbered, every page is numbered, and both sets of numbers are used in the Index.

You can go to the Index and instantly find all my Power Points for:

  • Sales letters

  • Offers

  • Envelopes

  • Order forms

  • Multi-step marketing campaigns

  • Promotional books

  • Lead generation

  • Using mailing lists

  • Recorded messages

  • Preparing for an important negotiation

  • Reacting to sudden adversity

  • Increasing a business cash flow

  • Cleverly re-inventing a business

  • Cheap, do-it-yourself market research

  • Adding sizzle to a speech

  • Etc., etc.

  • As big as my career experience.

    I have consulted in over 176 different businesses, industries and professions, with clients ranging in size from less than a million dollars a year in sales to over a billion dollars a year in sales, and everything in between. My clients successful results have made me a marketing legend.

    I have built, bought, sold businesses. Created publishing and marketing businesses for $500.00 to $5,000.00 that have subsequently produced millions of dollars in sales.

    I have had enormous and embarrassing failures.

    I have private clients in continuing relationships as long as 10 years, customers and subscribers who’ve been with me as long as 15.

    I have faced hundreds of business problems, thousands of marketing challenges, turned losing projects into winners, multiplied profits and incomes, invented truly new and innovative methods and strategies, even revolutionized a few entire industries.

    Every ounce of all that experience, successful and unsuccessful, is condensed and included in POWER POINTS

  • POWER POINTS will be delivered to you in three large volumes: the first volume, Advertising, Marketing & Sales; the second, Personal Achievement & Productivity; & the third, Entrepreneurship & Business Success.

    POWER POINTS was initially offered ONLY to my private clients and Inner Circle Members. It was then set for publication at $599.00. 

    Right now, you can get the entire POWER POINTS SYSTEM for just $299.00. A huge 50% discount from its initial retail price of $599.00.

    You might put thousands of dollars in your pocket from just one use of POWER POINTS. Imagine what you might make by asking it a question everyday?

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