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My first exposure to Jeff Paul was responsible for helping me create my first information product that generated over $200,000.00 in less than 2 years. I’ve paid thousands of dollars to attend Jeff’s seminars and his copywriting section was always one of the highlights of the entire seminar. Now Jeff and Jim Fleck have put almost all that information into “Killer Copywriting” I don’t know anyone else who can show you how to use the long forgotten secrets of the masters to your advantage….today!”

Yanik Silver

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Dear Friend:

If this describes you, an individual who wants to join the ranks of folks who have money coming in all the time, without the drudgery of working in a job you hate…please read this interesting article right now, as it may be the most important thing you’re read in along, long time!

Why do I say this? Well, if you’re one of the millions of earnest, hard-working people who want to take things easier ‘someday’, you’re going to love to discover that someday doesn’t have to be years, or even months down the road! That elusive ‘someday’ can actually happen for you NOW, right away!

But I do have to warn you that what you’re about to read is brutally straightforward, very candid, and real world honest. I am going to explain what it REALLY takes, just how EASY it is to make mountains of passive income, EXACTLY the same way I do…but the way I express myself is sometimes considered ‘unprofessional’.

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Ted Nicholas

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As you’ll see in a minute, I’m going to give you two opportunities to make the kind of money you deserve to make! I’ll explain them both in a second, so please be patient as we cover a couple quick points I have to make before we get started.

If Rough Language Offends You,
You’re Best Off To Stop Reading Now!

First, some of the language in this article may be a bit harsh for a few of you. Honest, I won’t be mad if you hop off here and go surfing elsewhere. I just want you to be aware that in the real world where I live, honesty and candor are the only way to go, but can make some people feel uncomfortable with the way I express my proven, money making, direct marketing truths.

So, if you are looking for polite, or PG-rated material, you’re in the wrong place. But, if you want the TRUTH about how to get a lifetime of passive income that can start INSTANTLY from your own, FREE affiliate website that’s set up for you, and from using the best KILLER COPY from a guy who lives this miracle every day, then you’ve come to the right place!

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Your ebook is totally unique and the way you use real life examples from the old-time copywriting masters was not only fascinating…but taught me more in a couple hours than I learned in the last 5 years. I was shocked to see how ads written over 100 years ago can still be used as paint-by-number templates to sell 21st Century products and services. I’ve never had these old ads shown to me with their secrets unlocked. It was simply amazing.

Anyone who wants to learn the hidden techniques of the true advertising copy masters, the little-known, never before revealed inside secrets of the guys who can sell anything to anyone… must get this ebook now! I’ve already used some of Jeff and Jim’s insights from old ads to get big increases in my own advertising copy.

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Keep up the good work guys!

Dr.Paul Hartunian
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Yes, as you see from my successful students, you too CAN reach financial freedom from an Internet opportunity that is totally legitimate, totally honest, totally real…and that isn’t any horseshit network marketing deal, or a disgusting porno site pitch. In fact, I’m going to tell you what the business is all about right up front, right now, so you don’t have to wade your way through a pile of crap to find out ‘what the deal is’.

Discovering How To Use And Sell The Secrets Of KILLER COPYWRITING On The Internet Is THE ANSWER To Your Dreams Of Having Money Put Into Your Bank Accounts Automatically… Whether You’re Actively Working Or Not!

Please stay tuned, because I’m going to show you TWO mind boggling ways to make money with KILLER COPY in a few brief minutes! One way will be by learning to write KILLER COPY for whatever business or opportunity you have going on…another way will be a FREE, turnkey, totally automated web site of your own, to extract real money, ethically and legitimately into YOUR bank account from anxious, excited and happy customers to whom you will sell without doing much of anything!

Let me start off by saying that I do buy and read all the money making ‘opportunities’ I see offered on the Internet, in the hopes that I will learn something, anything, to help me make more money on the Internet. Even though my passive income stream in a month is way more than most people make in a year, I never stop seeking knowledge that could make me a better direct marketer. (I’m not saying that to brag, by the way, I just want you to understand that what I’m saying is not coming from a ‘wanna-be’ or small timer, who thinks making a couple grand a month on the Internet is making ‘BIG’ money!)

See, I figured out a long time ago, that the professional direct marketer who stops learning, is soon going to be doomed. If you are so arrogant that you think you actually know enough, you are on the path of sure destruction. I’ve seen so many smart, clever people start out being humble and successful, who later stop learning, and become washed out, has-beens…real fast. Constant learning is one of the true secrets of real, successful, money making pros.

So, I keep looking. And, what I find available on the Internet that is supposedly going to ‘make me Internet riches’ is mostly, well, horseshit. Here are these pretend ‘gurus’ who make a few grand a month telling you how to get ‘rich’ following their plans and ideas.

Hell, when you dig into their REAL businesses, you find that they are making money showing you how to do things that may bring in a few sales here and there, but are missing the true, secret ingredients to really getting rich from ongoing, passive income.

What are they missing? Well, as I said a minute ago…

It’s All About The KILLER COPY You Should Use That Attracts Money Automatically… As Easily As A Ten Ton Magnet Attracts A Paper Clip!

See, what they don’t know, what they ALL leave out…is the details of how to write true, KILLER COPY that gets people to jump up out of their chairs and call or fill out your order form and then submit or mail in their credit card orders!

The harsh truth is that the best product or service is totally worthless if you can’t market it! And, you’ll never be able to market it in a way that causes money to pour into your bank account like water rushing in from a broken dam; until you learn the: Jealously Guarded Secrets Of Writing Copy So Good…You Could Sell Sand In The Desert! (Which is the name of the incredible e-book I’m offering on a limited, test basis, for less than 10% of what I used to sell it for offline, and which I’ll be explaining in a minute! AND, this book is the basis of the FREE, turnkey, ready-to-go, INSTANT web site you’ll have bringing money in for you all by itself!)

...Great examples, and truly fantastic information.

I read between 3 – 5 ebooks a week, and frankly, most have the same rehashed, useless information in them. Yours was excellent, with a totally original take on copywriting and advertising.

Great examples, and truly fantastic information. Loved the unique perspective Jim and Jeff have. I got at least three new ideas I can’t wait to implement.

Jonathan Mizel

Let me give you some examples of what I have done myself, and what my clients have done, to rake in HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, all on auto-pilot with my KILLER COPYWRITING secrets

  • A one page ad that led to an infomercial, which sold $40,000,000.00 (yes that’s right, 40 MILLION DOLLARS) worth of video tapes in less than one year!
  • Banner ads and emails leading to a long form, website sales letter that sold thousands of $1,295.00 training courses, 100% online, with NO salespeople the customers could talk to! (Not even a phone number to call!)
  • An email that gets a 10% conversion to a web site that sells a $1,000 software deal, with no demo, no free trials…and gets 30% of the visitors to give us their credit card number and order…on the spot!
  • An ad crammed with copy in eight point type (which is this small, and that everybody who doesn’t know shit says no one will read) that sold just under 100,000 copies of my book, How To Make $4,000 A Day Sitting At Your Kitchen Table In Your Underwear’, which led to sales of over 12,000 full blown training courses at $495!
  • A 24 page sales letter with no pictures, no testimonials, no endorsements, etc… that sells golf clubs for more than $6,000 a set! Without a putter. The putter is $400 more. (How many $6000 + sets of golf clubs have you seen sold strictly through the strength of the copy in a letter?)
  • A single 2 x 3 inch ad that started a $37 million dollar business that has 450 + offices and runs that same ad in all 450 newspapers EVERY DAY! (Pretty good, considering the client started working out of his house, with one ad and office only three years prior to this!)

I could go on, but I won’t bore you. I just wanted to make sure you know you’re dealing with a REAL person who does what I’m going to show you how to do every day! I risk REAL money, my money, doing exactly what I’m going to teach you how to do. I am not some asshole professor or ‘guru’ who wants to look and sound important, but who’s never done what I’m teaching.

Your book is one of those wonderful little gems that should be in every marketers library.

You’ve taken the basics of copywriting and distilled it down so that any business owner, entrepreneur or marketer can apply the strategies to their own promotions and sales pieces.

“Within the pages of your book are the key concepts, principles and strategies on the art of copywriting that can precisely attract customers and institute sales. Great job, it’s a resource I know I’ll use often.”

– Anthony Blake
co-author “Postcard Profits!”

Keep in mind that not only have I done this in the past… I STILL DO IT ALL THE TIME

Yes, I come home from the golf course (in the warm weather) and open my mail, look at the pile of big, four and five figure checks that come from work I did once, and get paid for over and over and over again! (I’ve come to understand that all those lousy little monthly checks for $22,867, $1,387, $11,434, $16,598, $2,801, etc., etc….start adding up to some real money!)

See, I want to reveal a personal secret about myself.

I truly believe I’ve been blessed with as near a perfect combination in life one can have. I really feel like I’m the luckiest guy in the world! Why? Well, because I have:

  • A wonderful, beautiful, intelligent, honest, caring, empathetic, fun-loving wife…who also happens to be the best wife, mom, sister and daughter on the planet!
  • Three great, clever and honest boys! (OK. So they’re teenagers, and can drive you nuts. But, they’re really good boys, with good hearts! I LOVE being with them and watching them grow)
  • Great friends and relatives who I know I could count on for anything. (Like in 1991, when I was at the bottom of life’s ladder, and had to move Peggy and the boys into my sister-in-law’s basement. But that’s a story for another time.)
  • Honest and fair business/joint venture partners! (We ALL make a ton of money together and have fun! Plus, most of them are golfers, whom I can sometimes beat!)
  • Oh yeah, and the personal and financial freedom few people ever get to. Let alone as a young man! (This all started exactly when I discovered the secrets of KILLER COPY in 1991, when I was only 34 years old! I have been doing pretty much whatever the hell I want to, since then. Of course, within the limitations placed upon me by my boss, uh, I mean my wife, Peggy. She’s tough, but fair, so it’s really good!)

Do you have any idea how awesome it is to get out of bed whenever I feel like it? Walking all of ten feet to my office’. (A room over my garage.) Can you imagine how incredible it is to go play golf, drive up to my house in Wisconsin to go fishing whenever I want to, walk downstairs and watch a movie with the boys on HBO in the middle of the afternoon, play tennis with Peggy, and so on…all with nothing more than a moment’s notice? For example, just yesterday, at 3:00 pm, my now 14 year old son Alex, asked me if I wanted to play a quick 18 holes with him and Peggy. I saved my file, got up, called the club for a tee time, and was on my way in a matter of minutes. Is that awesome, or what? (Then he beats me. That little, no good, ungrateful kid!)

Anyway, can you feel how remarkable it is to know I NEVER have to deal with some asshole boss? NEVER. I have only had two jobs in my entire adult life. One ended in four months, and the other lasted a whopping six months. Believe me, I will NEVER have to answer to, be humiliated by, or dragged through the mud by some pain-in-the ass boss. With what I know (KILLER COPYWRITING), there’s the same chance of me needing to get a job as there is Saddam Hussein admitting he’s a piece of shit, scumbag coward.

Haven’t you dreamed of what it would be like to tell the world to shove the conventions of life they have taught us, so far up their ass…that they’ll never see daylight again?

Don’t you long for the personal freedom (created by having LOTS OF MONEY coming in all by itself) so few people have…so you can do whatever you want, whenever you want? (Within the strict guidelines established by your only, true, real boss, your spouse!

Using KILLER COPY, And Selling Info About KILLER COPY On Your Own, FREE Web Site…Will Get You The Elusive Financial And Personal Freedom You Want!

How wonderful it is to get up each morning truly EXCITED about what’s going to happen that day…knowing YOU are in total control of your time; AND because you wrote some KILLER COPY in the past…or are selling my KILLER COPY book on your own, FREE web site…money will be coming in whether you do anything resembling work today, or just goof off!

Wouldn’t you LOVE to have KILLER COPY and your own money sucking web site out there making enough money for you, so you can walk into work and tell that miserable asshole you work for to kindly sit on a greased, electric cattle prod while watching him shriek in misery?

Can’t you just see yourself doing all the things you really WANT to do, instead of all these annoying things you HAVE to do just to keep the wolf away from the door?

...you really will be able to "sell sand in the desert !

“Here’s proof that Jeff and Jim really knows how to write Killer Copy! You and I were both fascinated by the incredible headline and persuasive words…we just HAD to find out more! Jeff and Jim can show YOU how to write like this too!

After reading their book, you really will be able to “sell sand in the desert!”

Neil Shearing

If all this sounds good, I can only tell you that I too, once thought living life under MY terms, under MY rules, under MY complete control…was a pipe dream reserved for losers, potheads or winos.

I can tell you that while I longed, yearned and coveted this life of freedom and control, I had zero chance of achieving it until I discovered the KILLER COPYWRITING, and Internet marketing secrets I’ll be sharing with you!

If you cannot communicate so deeply into people’s hearts, if you cannot write in a way that touches them deep in their emotional souls…you aren’t going to sell much of anything. Especially things that bring in money…over and over and over! It just ain’t gonna happen.

See, I too, thought I knew how to write copy. I thought that what I learned in college and on jobs was the correct way to sell with words. Until I tried it their way’, and literally went broke.

And I’m not talking about broke where you can’t pay all your bills, and where you have some money, just not enough.

I’m talking about so broke that you owe more than $100,000 on credit cards, have no place to live, and no money coming in from anywhere! ZERO!

Now, that’s what REAL broke is. I’m talking about mind numbing fear, all night insomnia parties watching infomercials and re-runs of Three’s Company at 4 in the morning kind of broke. I’m talking irritable bowel syndrome, constant stomach aches and Pepto-Bismol for dinner kind of broke. I’m talking near marriage destroying, maximum stress, high anxiety, depression causing kind of broke.

So believe me, no matter what your current situation is, it can’t be much worse than what I went through. I have seen the belly of the beast from down under, and known the crushing weight of total financial chaos on your soul. I know how it feels to beg a friend for $10 to buy diapers and formula for your baby. I know how hopeless it feels when you see nothing but that dark, burning abyss of hell in front of you, feeling no hope of being able to climb out of its evil clutches.

And, I know how EXHILARATING it feels to have the energy destroying weight of financial stress lift off your shoulders! I know how light and FREE it feels to fly out over the dungeons of financial and personal hell, looking back and waving goodbye to it forever…all because I finally learned how to write KILLER COPY!

See, the truth of life is that the amount of products or services you sell, and the prices you can get people to pay… are totally in proportion to the strength of your copy!

See, the simple reality of business life is that whomever writes the best, most compelling, irresistible, KILLER COPY…wins! Period.

All pre-conceived notions you have a about how much you can sell, and how much money you can get people to pay for whatever you sell are, well, to be brutally honest, pure, unadulterated bullshit. Anyone who tells you that you can only get X dollars and only sell Y units because ‘that’s all the market will bear’ is an idiot, and should be ignored with great vigor.

The REAL DEAL is that how much you sell, and how much customers willingly and enthusiastically pay you…is directly and only related to how good you write copy! (And yes, I KNOW that the word ‘good’ isn’t the grammatically correct word to use in that last sentence. But, as you’ll discover with my KILLER COPYWRITING book, proper grammar in writing should be reserved for corporate memos and letters to your Aunt Jessica, who used to be an English teacher. If you want to SELL stuff, you write like people really talk, which you’ll learn about very soon!)

So, if you write boring, stilted, corporate, college guy, grammatically and politically correct, typo free, edited and polished copy…you won’t sell shit! On the other hand, if you write interesting, provocative, exciting, interesting and compelling copy, well, you could sell bags of sand for $100 each in the middle of the Sinai Desert! (Shipping and handling not included!)

OK. Make sense so far?

Good. Because by now, I have a feeling you’re saying, ‘OK man. Stop explaining and start selling me on what you want me to buy, and how much it’s gonna cost!’

Alright. I understand. Let’s go into the specifics of the amazing deal I’m making to you. A deal that is so good, my wife, Peggy told me that “you have to be out of your mind to give away your life’s work” as she put it. She added, ‘Why would you sell the most useful and immediate cash generating KILLER COPY course for a lousy $37, when you have sold it for years for $395.00 to $495.00, with almost zero refunds? Have you forgotten your own advice about selling things for what they’re really worth? Geez, you’re really losing it.’ (Peggy’s good about sharing with me.)

In spite of what Peggy’s shared with me, I’m still going to go against her advice’ and make you this ridiculous offer anyway.

Why am I going to do this?

Well, it’s actually a test I’m doing.

Let me explain

A ‘test’ in proper, real direct marketing is where you come up with an idea, and then instead of betting the farm on it, you run a small, pilot program to see if your idea was any good, or as my wife thinks, a dumb-ass move. The good news about a testing approach is that you find out if your idea is workable, or it’s a flaming piece of crap…without spending much, if any money!

Then, if your test works (as I’m hoping this one will for two reasons. One, I like making money helping people make money for themselves, and even more important, I want just one idea that Peggy tells me sucks to work. Just one. Just once. Oh well….)

Anyway, here’s my idea. I think that if I sell an ebook-version of my $495 off line course, on the Internet, I will get enough new students to be able to build a base that will be profitable from all the backend (repeat) business I’ll get from the new students. Eventually. That’s the key word here. Eventually.

See, my theory on this model, is like many other models I’ve used successfully, is that even though I’m going to lose my ass on this approach initially, (and maybe also get my ass kicked by Peggy for being a know-it-all) the ‘backend’ will be strong enough to make it profitable when all is said and done!

Now PLEASE understand that while I may be stupid, I’m not an idiot.

See, I am NOT talking about a model like those hauntingly stupid morons doing ‘dot.com’ deals to raise cash, then spending it all…and defrauding their investors by spending their money like drunken sailors. I am NOT talking about selling things at a loss…and making it up in volume! (Which is the strategy’ these psychos thought would work somehow and defy the simple laws of financial physics. You know, take in more than you spend. Geez, what a bunch of losers.)

What I AM talking about, and what the ‘dot.commers’ didn’t do, is building a base of customers, and yes, even at a loss…and then work the backend like a mad dog chasing a raw piece of steak!

The backend part was what the generation X’ers forgot about. They forgot that you actually have to make a profit somewhere down the road, and have enough capital to last until you can make money, eventually.

(As you’re going to see in a minute, we’re going to give you, literally for free, nothing, nada, zero, zilch…a money making web site where you invest little or nothing…and make a positive, passive cash flow right away. YOUR web site is much better than mine up front. I have to lose money in the beginning, while YOU can MAKE money from the beginning and have virtually no money in the deal!)

So with that said,we’re going to see how well, we can do making money here in the long run by practically giving away my famous and one-of-a-kind KILLERCOPYWRITING course to you for only $37!

Here's just a fraction of what you're going to learn about KILLER COPY that you simply WILL NOT learn anywhere else

  • How to make a fortune using the one proven ad format that always works!
  • How to write bullets that hypnotically draw your prospects into your ads to read them... causing them to take action and spend more money with you over and over again!
  • A list of the 100 greatest headlines ever written! (You'll want to use these to brainstorm and copy for your own headlines!)
  • How to use stories that grabs and holds the attention of your reader all the way to the order page!
  • A powerful little secret (that no one believes) which tells you if your letter is really ready to mail!
  • Dozens of tests that every ad or letter must pass before you use it!
  • A step-by-step formula used to create powerful copy. Use the formula for your own ads and letters. Or to make big money writing for others! (I make a good deal of my income from royalties and fees I get paid for writing KILLER COPY for clients, as well as for myself!)
  • The single-most important element of any sales message...and how to exploit it for maximum sales!
  • 37 guaranteed ways to increase readership, boost response to your sales letters and ads...and make more sales.
  • The absolutely essential first three things you must do before you attempt to sell anything to anyone!
  • The real reason people choose to buy anything -- the secret truth long-known by master salesmen, sociologists and "con-men" - finally revealed! (Except you get to use this potentially dangerous secret in good, and ethical ways! But please be careful with it, because it can cause huge surges of cash to flow into your bank account! Don't let your kids try this without your supervision...please!)
  • You get exact word-for-word samples of ads and sales letters that brought in millions..
  • The formulas that even an illiterate drop-out can use to write advertising copy 100 times more potent than the best Madison Avenue ad agency!
  • A truly "no brainer" (yet usually overlooked) way to increase the readership of any sales letter you ever use! (It's almost like cheating, but you don't do anything dishonest. It does, however, give you a totally unfair advantage!!)
  • The 4 questions you must be able to answer or you won't sell anything!
  • The most important thing you could ever learn about putting out advertising that sells!
  • The hidden secrets that boost response every time!
  • Learn the specific words to use that'll make your customers fumble for their wallets and buy from you!
  • Why people won't respond to a good ad or sales letter, and how to stop it!
  • Why revealing one or two flaws about your product or service will help shoot your ad's response through the roof.., and the best way to reveal those flaws!
  • Easy-to-use headline formulas you can use to plug right into letters! (with hardly a strain of thought whatsoever!!!)
  • An amazingly simple formula to follow that makes putting out ads and letters even easier!
  • The best way to create the "first draft" of your ad! (This technique will surprise you)!
  • Why you've got to forget everything your grammar teacher ever taught you, so your ads and letters will pull in the cash sales you deserve!
  • Learn the greatest advertising 'secret formula' ever revealed! (This secret from the old time masters you'll be studying, is so powerful, it literally is the difference between living the life of your dreams with constant cash flow coming in...versus being stuck in the life you hate, and so desperately want to get out of immediately!
  • Plus, NO ONE will ever explain this secret to you the way I do, so it's as clear and plain as a full moon on a cloudless night.

"...16% Conversion Rate! $47,928 So Far This Month!"

I’ve been meaning to get this note to you for days now, but can’t seem to find the time, every time I sit down to write… another order. Last month, 46 orders at $997. This month 72 orders and there’s 9 days left…I’m thinking close to 100 orders in one month!

As far as money in the bank?

January $33,000
February, over $47,928

Guaranteed Over $20,000
already for March!

I’m already guaranteed $20,000 in installment for March. I’m getting a 16% Conversion Rate using Killer Copywriting.
Using your down to earth, psychologically entrapping, emotion driven, money sucking ideas, my income is limitless.

Killer Copywriting teaches you the best way to reach out and grab your prospects by the frickin’ throat, sit their ass in the chair, and have them read every single word that you write, then while salivating like an Irish man over cold beer on St. Patties day, get them to reach in their wallet, pull out their credit card without thinking or asking one stupid question about price, and buy every thing you got
You would be a complete idiot not to invest the meager funds necessary in this course. Without this course, you could be destined to be an average schmoe who dreams of being a true ‘player’ in the direct marketing, money making game, however with it, you might be equipped with THE MOST IMPORTANT tool you’ll ever use.

Thanks a ton Jeff and Jim, and Next Year at this time, I plan on doubling all my numbers!

Ed O’Keefe

Believe me… this is just the beginning of all you get from “Killer Copywriting”

People who’ve been through my Killer Copywriting course discover they now have a skill that will allow them to live the life of complete financial and personal freedom most people only dream about! YOU will now own the key that unlocks the treasure chest of freedom!

After all, in our day and age, what is freedom? Isn’t TRUE freedom having enough liquid cash to basically do, and not do, whatever you want…whenever you want? Isn’t that the ULTIMATE position in life? When YOU call all your own shots, and make your own decisions because you have the luxury of enough money…and not because you have to for a lack of dough?

Also, doesn’t TRUE freedom mean that you have no financial pressure weighing down on your soul like a 1000 pound anvil sitting on your neck? Let’s be honest. When you are broke or semi-broke, or have just enough money to get by on…you usually have the ever present companion of financial doubt and worry hanging around like your freeloading brother-in-law.

That worry and anxiety that comes from not knowing if you’re going to have enough money to take care of short term needs; let alone enough money to be able to retire in relaxed comfort…can trap your heart in a prison of relentless stress. And, as we all know…stress kills!

See, while you may think that running your own Internet or other kind of business is ‘risky’, and not ‘secure’…it’s actually just the opposite! Just ask the more than one million people who’ve been laid off recently. Laid off from ‘secure’ jobs that they were told ‘would always be there’.

What a crock of shit! As everyone is finally finding out…

REAL Financial Security ONLY Comes From YOU
Being Able To Write Copy So Good You Could Sell Sand
In The Desert! Once You Know How To Do This,
You’ll ALWAYS Be Able To Bring In Money! ALWAYS!

What I’m offering you is the opportunity to live like I do.

Without any financial worry or concern. NONE!

I'm on course to collect $50,000 - $60,000 a month

“I wanted to let you know how your program is working for me…as a result…, I have hired another person to treat my patients in the morning so I can run my business out of my home on the hill…I’m really enjoying it. Now, I work 3 afternoons at my office collecting $35,000 a month there, and thanks to you, I’m on course to collect $50,000 – $60,000 a month with my other business.!

Even though I’m far from an expert…there can’t be anything out there that a “beginner” can do…with such dramatic results in such a short period of time. I really do owe it to you.”

Dr.Ben Altadonna – Haywood CA

See, I go to bed peacefully secure that I can make money, any time, any place…because I can write copy so good I could sell sand in the desert!

If you took away every material possession I have, all my money, all my assets, IRA’s, savings, insurance, homes, cars, computer, golf clubs…I’d be making money in a week or two, and get all the material stuff back inside a year! NO DOUBT what-so-ever!

Why do I feel this way? Because I can find products people want to buy…and write copy so good that they will sell right away; bringing me money instantly!

How would you like to go to bed feeling this way? How would you like to KNOW that you’re able to make money no matter what the economy’s doing? Wouldn’t you feel so much better knowing you never have to worry about money again?

Wouldn’t it be awesome to not panic when your kid’s braces need to be redone, or the fridge goes down for good, or the transmission on the beater needs to be replaced, or your daughter needs money for gymnastics camp, or your son needs a lawyer for his stupid fight he got into at school, or your illness isn’t covered by insurance, or the leaky windows HAVE to be replaced…etc., etc.?

You should know that when unexpected expenses hit Peggy and I, we shrug our shoulders, and get it taken care of. No worries or anxiety. No stress. We just take care of it. With three grown boys, two houses, four cars, two boats, many sets of golf clubs, etc…we always have things going wrong. We always have unexpected expenses. Sometime BIG ones. Like last month when one of our furnaces finally quit, and we had to come up with $3,800 on the spot. Followed a week later by the deck collapsing in one corner, and needing another $1,450 instantly. We just paid cash, and didn’t blink an eye.

Again, I AM NOT bragging. I’m simply telling you what it feels like to have NO financial worries. It IS the best feeling in the world! It IS the way life is meant to be lived! GOD gave us the ability to live with financial worry…and to live without financial worry. In fact, GOD doesn’t care which option you choose. It’s 100% in YOUR control whether you live a financially independent life, or are always down in the muddy, smelly rut of financial stress.

It is YOUR choice. So, which one’s it gonna’ be?

If you want to choose the life of financial security and freedom…I’m giving you the incredibly simple, easy, cheap and quick way to switch over to the side of life where worries are few and fun is a-plenty!

So let’s get started!

Here’s the deal: 

Join Our Killer Copywriting Club!

Here’s your chance to finally learn my Killer Copywriting techniques in a way that I’ve never been able to do before the advent of the Internet!

When you join our amazing Killer Copywriting Club, you only have to pay a measly $37…which is a savings of over 90%, or $458 from the $495 I charge to offline (old economy) students!

And here’s what you get for this ridiculously low, 100% money back guaranteed investment:

How To Write Copy So Good You Can Sell Sand In The Desert! – You get the ENTIRE contents of the the legendary 17 Chapter course in an interactive, online version, that you can print out as well! This book is the foundation for the entire learning experience you’re going to go through!

In it, I explain and show you how the old time masters of direct response copywriting did their money attracting magic with words, both in ads and sales letters! I GUARANTEE you that you’ve NEVER been exposed to, or had real Killer Copywriting explained to you in words and examples the way I’ve done it here in this e-book for you!

This Course Will Not Only Teach You How To Write Killer Copy…

It Will Show You How To Do It INSTANTLY! I Will Show You How To Get Killer Copy You Can Use Tomorrow!

In fact, here’s a copy of the table of contents of the book, so you can see what you’ll be privy to at such a extremely low price!

  •  Chapter 1 : Conventional Advertising Wisdom Myths Blown To Bits! The Advertising Industry’s Lies Exposed!
  •  Chapter 2 : Everything You’ve Been Taught About Writing Copy That Sells Is Wrong! The Shocking Truth Revealed!
  •  Chapter 3 : Here’s The REAL Definition Of Advertising You’ll Never Learn Anywhere Else!
  •  Chapter 4 : Secrets Of Getting Ready To Write Killer Advertising Copy!
  •  Chapter 5 : What You MUST Know About Human Nature In Order To Transform Your Ordinary Copy…To Become Killer Copy That SELLS!
  •  Chapter 6 : Do You Have A Damn Good Answer To These Four Questions? If Not, You Won’t Sell Anything To Anyone!
  •  Chapter 7 : The Hidden, Buried Secrets Of Killer Advertising Copy From The Old Time Advertising Masters!
  •  Chapter 8 : The Jealously Guarded, Secret Killer Advertising Formulas That Work Over And Over!
  •  Chapter 9 : The Single Most Important Part Of Killer Copy! Mess This Up, And Your Advertising Will Always Fail!
  •  Chapter 10 : Little Known Headline Writing Shortcuts And Tips!
  •  Chapter 11 : How To Write Copy So Good You Could Sell Sand In The Desert!
  •  Chapter 12 : 37 Body Copy Tips
  •  Chapter 13 : The Final Word
  •  Appendix 1 : A Quick Guide To Research
  •  Appendix 2 : 100 Headline Templates
  •  Appendix 3 : How To Make Money With Killer Copywriting


Every chapter is chock full of insight and understanding about what you need to know to write Killer Copy…. and exactly how to do it for yourself the easy way!

How’s that sound? Not too shabby, eh?

I’m not exaggerating when I say that after you read this book, and learn its mysterious secrets, your life can never be the same again!

Now that you know how to write Killer Copy and get it done for you with my sneaky little tricks I teach in the book…you’ll look at life through the eyes of a direct response marketing, Killer Copywriter!

I’m serious! You won’t look at any advertising the same way ever again. You’ll see opportunities where you never saw them before! You’ll notice money making adventures staring at you in the face, that you would have overlooked just yesterday. You’ll see that when you can use Killer Copy, the world’s nothing more than a giant money making vessel, waiting to be ethically and legitimately plundered by you!


Bonus #1: The Ultimate Idea Inducing, Creativity Enhancing Sample Headline Collection

You may not know this…but the headline is basically 100% of the success of your advertising!

I won’t bore you with a detailed explanation of this unchanging principle of direct marketing, or any advertising for that matter. Please believe me when I tell you that your headline can make or break your advertising! See, the headline is the ad’ for your ad’.

If your headline is boring or sucks…your ad or sales material will suck!

This is not anything new, but it is something you can NEVER get good enough at! Writing headlines may be the highest paying work you ever do!

(As an example, I frequently write ten to twenty headlines for each product I test! In fact, I might spend as much, or more time on the headline…than I do on the rest of the promotion! THAT’S how critical and important headlines are!) I know some supposed “guru’s” will tell you to write 50, 100 or 200 headlines but I’ve always found that most won’t do that and when they do at least half of them aren’t worth anything anyway.

Anyway, in order for this book to be brain dead easy to use and make money from, I’ve done all the hard work for you!

But that’s not as easy as it gets! Believe it or not, I’ve even made it easier than that for you!

If you’re kind of lazy or not too motivated, but still want to cash in big with direct marketing…I’ve put together a list of over 600 of the BEST HEADLINES EVER WRITTEN for you to use as instant headline templates!

You’ll get instant access to a huge reference file of 39 full pages of over 600 headline examples culled from my massive collection of direct mail pieces, sales letters, brochures, advertisements, web pages, courses, articles, and books. A tremendous resource to ignite your creativity and help you put together a guaranteed winner every time! . ($37 Value)

Bonus #2: Special Report: “7 Quick And Easy Headline Formulas”


See, I am a firm believer in educating students in two areas:

  1. Teaching you how and why you do things, so you understand what’s going on. This would be like me teaching you how to fish, if you were hungry.
  2. Giving you the copy to use as models and templates so you don’t have to learn or understand anything This would be like me giving you a fish if you were hungry.

The analogy here is that old saying: If you give a man a fish you feed him for today, but if you teach a man how to fish, you feed him for the rest of his life!

(Please excuse the sexist use of the pronoun in that saying, but it is centuries old, so they used to only refer to men. Sorry ladies. No chauvinism intended, I promise.)

So here’s what I do. I will give you the fish, and teach you how to fish, both! I know most of you will take the fish I give you and run with it without gaining all the understanding of how to do it for yourself. That’s perfectly OK!

Others will want to learn everything, and create their own fish, as well as use the ones I give you. That’s OK too!

Just pull out this report whenever you need a headline and you’ll have several winners in mere minutes! With these formulas, writing dynamite headlines is as simple as filling in the blanks! ($19 value)

Bonus #3: Secrets Of Writing Headlines That’ll Make You Rich

Discover some of Peter Sun’s jealously guarded copywriting secrets that have helped him bank as much as $103,000 in a single week at 85% profit margins and sell over $7 million worth of information products in less than 5 years. ($37 value)

Bonus #4: Peter Sun’s Special Report:

“78 FREE And Low Cost Ways To Add At Least 27% To Your Small Business Profits In The Next 90 Days or LESS! Guaranteed!” These are the very same strategies that Peter Sun an ex-muffin baker used to take him from being broke and desperate to making $272,012.00 a year working from home with NO staff or overheads . ..

Bonus #5: Ted Nicholas’ Special Report on Writing and Testing Sales Letters

Ted Nicholas is widely regarded as the foremost authority on space advertising in the world. And rightfully so, since his space ads have produced over $200,000,000 in sales! (Yes. That’s two-hundred million) Ted is perhaps the highest paid copywriter and speaker per word in the world. He has earned as much as $500,000 from a single 1,000 word ad. He has invested over $100,000,000 in tests to find exactly the right words that suck money out of people’s wallets over and over again. In this incredible 70 page PDF seminar transcript Ted teaches you:

  1. The 3 magic elements of any successful mailing.
  2. Two powerful ways to begin your letter,
  3. 4 proven ways to enhance the success of your letter,
  4. The vital key to successful testing, the three elements that can make a huge difference in your test results and much, much more.

Bonus #6: Killer Ad Bootcamp

You’ll also get instant access to a 12 Step Advertising Creation System which practically forces people to line up and beg you to take their money! This Advertising course was created with one main purpose in mind…Helping you learn how to write effective advertising pieces as soon as possible. (sells for $97)

Here are just some of the Incredible Secrets You Will Learn in this Course:

  • How to Ask Yourself the Question That 98% of businesses fail to ask themselves which practically guarantees your success in any business! (Page 12)
  • Insider’s Secret Backbone of ALL Successful Advertising that 90% of People have never figured out! (Page 23)
  • How You Can Use Your Competition To Increase Your Sales For You! (Page 28)
  • How to Write Passionate Advertising Copy that gets people drooling for your products and services! (Page 29)
  • 24 Power Words to Use In Your Advertising to Increase your sales response on every single ad you write! (page 30)
  • How to make your advertising friendly and conversational to make them confident in ordering from you! (page 31)
  • 2 Step System to developing a Uniqueness to Your Business which absolutely leaves ALL competitors in the dust! (page 35)
  • How to Increase Your Sales Income by As Much as 297% or More by spending only a couple of pennies more on each of your packages! (page 42)
  • How to get people to take action NOW every time! (page 44)
  • How to Increase the Value of ALL of your products or Services to double or even triple your profits off of everything you sell! (page 46)
  • How to Increase your response rate by 245% or more by writing a Special Risk-Free Guarantee! (page 47)
  • 4 Insider Secrets to Every Successful Guarantee! (page 48)
  • How to Make An Offer People Can’t Refuse! (page 50)

And if that wasn’t enough, you will also learn:

  • Why most advertisers have their prospects almost sold…and then lose 50% of their orders at the last moment and you can change that simply and easily! (page 53)
  • 6 Proven Ways to Create Killer Order Forms! (page 54)
  • How One Headline can outsell another headline by as much as 1800% without a single change in the sales letter itself! page 65)
  • 3 Insider Secrets for Successful Headline Writing! (page 67)
  • 8 Proven Headline “Recipes” and How you Can make money with every single one of them! (page 69)
  • How to Make Sure you come up with a winning headline every time you sit down to write! (page 77)
  • How two little marks on your sales letter increase sales by 20% and why they should be placed on every ad you create! (page 75)
  • How You can create Lists of Benefits which get your prospects drooling for your products and services! (page 81)
  • 3 Myths which are destroying your sales letter’s response rates! (page 88)
  • 4 Steps of every sales process! (page 92)
  • 8 Keys You have to have in every sales letter to succeed! (page 94)
  • 5 Secret Techniques to closing your prospects! (page 97)

You will receive the complete workbook with 12 separate worksheets which practically create your ads for you.. This is as close as possible to a “Fill In the Blanks” advertising creation system! Anyone regardless of their education Can Write Killer Ads…Including You!

Bonus #7: Writer’s Friend Software

Writer’s Friend is an easy to use software based collection of over 311 Headlines, 1871Cliches, Phrases and Sayings, 2447 Quotes by famous people and unknown authors and a place to store all your random thoughts and “text bits.”

Never again do you need to suffer the torments of long forgotten words and phrases. Never again do you need to put up with the headaches of brain-fog, writer’s block or damned stubborn words that won’t do what they’re told. Never again do you need to endure endless hours waiting for that right word to make your writing zing. Never again do you have to grope around in the darkness of your mind to find the words you want. You are within seconds of finding a solution to all your writing woes. (Sells for $97)

I wish I had started sooner

“I think the course is phenomenal! I wish I had started sooner. This course worked better than I expected.”

Paul C. – Superior, CO

So…you will get this amazing tool as a free gift when you become a member of our Killer Copywriting Club! And, because I was coerced into releasing this info.

Bonus #8: 91 Emotional Triggers

Do you know what makes the customer make buying decisions? You will after you’ve read this list of 91 emotional triggers. Knowing these are essential for all marketing efforts – but especially for headline creation.

Bonus #9: 277 Hypnotic Words/Phrases

You will get a list of the 277 most powerful and proven words and phrases that are a must for your headlines and sales letters. If they are missing these – then you are losing profits. Adding these words/phrases almost gives you an unfair advantage.

I reserve the right to pull it at any time

So, if you’d like to have this impossible to calculate the value checklist, don’t procrastinate and think about it’ for to long! He or she who hesitates is lost!

Even More Bonuses…

The Complete Unedited Audios of Jeff’s Killer Copywriting Class

Yes, that’s right! You get to actually sit in on one of Jeff’s $495 classes and hear every single word Jeff spits out. This will actually force you to learn the copywriting secrets faster than if you just read the material. Listening to Jeff you’ll get to hear him explain copywriting secrets that he doesn’t reveal anywhere else. Jeff’s brilliance in teaching you how to quickly and easily write killer copy really comes through on the audios. It just like you took a fully loaded gun, pointed it at his head and told him, “Ok. No more bullshit. How do I really create money-making ads and sales letters? I want to know everything you know and I want to know it now. And, if you screw around and try to hold anything back, you’re dead!

That’s how serious Jeff is when it comes to you creating killer copy at will. And, audio allows all of the lessons to actually cement themselves into your brain. There’s nothing more powerful than audio learning to burn the knowledge into your permanent memory. Now, thanks to the power of the internet, when you join the Killer Copywriting Club, you get access to the tapes through your computer. You can listen to them online, or do what lots of students do, and download them onto your computer or CD. You’ll be able to turn your car into a copywriting university. It’s the most powerful way to learn.

FREE GIFT #1 – The Killer Copywriting Master Checklist! – “Killer Copywriting – How To Write Copy So Good You Could Sell Sand In The Desert – Comprehensive Content/Offer Checklist!” Never Miss Or Forget Anything That Must Be In Your Killer Copy!” This Is A 220 Item Cheat Sheet That Every Copywriter Cannot Be Without! One item on this ‘cheat sheet’ can transform an average sales letter into a ‘blockbuster’ in just a few minutes. And, you’ll have 220 ‘profit boosters’ at your fingertips. Don’t even think about running an ad or sales letter until you put it through this master checklist! **A $97 Value**

Thank you for putting the tools in my hands

“I think you’re doing a great job at teaching and supporting all of us students. I want to thank you for putting the tools in my hands that will enable me to escape the slavery…and make lots of money so that I can marry my long-suffering (3 yrs.) girlfriend. I want to be a good provider!”

Christopher B. – Kings Park, NY

Now you may be wondering why I do this. Why do I sell this e-book and Killer Copywriting Club membership for so dirt cheap? And, for that matter, why do I sell it at all, if I’m supposed to be so rich?

Good questions. With a good answer.

Number one, I’m not going to bullshit you and tell you I’m doing this to help my fellow man, and I’m going to use all the money I make from this to promote world peace and a cure for cancer.

No, I’m doing this to hopefully make some more money online. As I told you, I’m taking a big financial risk, selling at a loss up front to see if the customer/member base will buy enough backend products/services over time to make this profitable. This is one of many things I do to diversify my passive revenue streams (and you should too!)…nothing more, nothing less.

Which means don’t be surprised that you’ll be hearing from us regularly with news and exciting new offers.

One Last Extra!

Bonus#11: Headline Creator Pro Software

We just acquired the license to Headline Creator Pro- the first and only software product on the market, today, that automatically creates Proven, Power and Time-Tested Headlines based on the Greatest Profit-Pulling Headlines in history. No other product matches its abilities or its speed – producing your Winning Headlines in under 17 Seconds with Push-Button Ease.

Headline Creator Pro will automatically spit out Time-Tested, Proven, Result- Oriented headlines based on the greatest headlines in history… and do it in 17 Seconds Flat with Push-Button Ease. Pick which of the long list of winners you want. In fact, you’ll have so many winning choices you may be tempted to throw away the body copy and use nothing, but headlines.

This incredibly powerful software has just been released and is yours FREE

Finally, I want to remind you, that along these lines of ethical and moral business pursuits…

You Have My Unconditional, No-BS, Risk-Free, 100% Lifetime Money Back Guarantee, If You’re Not Happy With This Product And Membership For Any Reason!

As with everything I do, I always offer a complete, risk-free, 100% money back guarantee on my Killer Copywriting e-book and membership! If you are unhappy with this program for ANY reason, even if you’re a sneak and want to get all my best info and ask for a refund…just send us an email per the simple refund instructions…and we’ll credit your card within 24 hours… guaranteed!

What else can I say?

Please think about what will happen to your life if you don’t do this, and buy my e-book, join our club and get your own, ready-to-go web site!

If you don’t come along with me, a year from now, you’ll likely just be a year older. In the same place in life and in this world you are now. Frustrated, tied down to things you hate, wishing you could enjoy the financial and personal freedom you deserve!

If you do come along for this ride with me, a year from now, you could be cashing lots of passive revenue checks, running lots of successful direct marketing efforts because you’re an expert on writing Killer Copy…and be on the road to your accomplishing your dreams of freedom and a worry free life!

Basically, it’s YOUR choice. To be blunt, I’d love you to buy my Killer Copywriting e-book, and join my Killer Copywriting Club, and have your own, personalized, instant, money making web site up and running, making money for you immediately.

But, if you don’t follow through, if you don’t take action and make this tiny, risk-free, money back guaranteed investment in your future… I won’t live any differently than I do now.

I will still work a few hours here and there, goofing off the rest of the time. I’ll still work only when I feel like working. I’ll still play golf and go fishing a lot. I’ll still take four or five vacations a year. I’ll still have 100% control of my schedule and life. Peggy and I will still go shopping or play tennis or golf together during the day, when everyone else is working in the prison they call their ‘jobs’. No, my life won’t change one lick if you decide against coming on board with me but

YOUR LIFE could change dramatically

… if you decide to take this simple, but powerful step of spending just $37 and becoming a Killer Copywriting maniac! If you don’t join up with me now, you KNOW what your life will be like tomorrow, the next day, next week, next month, next year, next decade…

Hands Down, The Best Copywriting Course I've Seen!

“Jeff, I have at least $50,000 worth of marketing and copywriting courses lining the shelves of my office. But your course, that I got for a ridiculous $37, is hands down the best copywriting course I’ve seen.

Whenever I’m struggling to come up with a headline or bullet points for an ad or sales letter, I simply open up your course and the answer immediately hits me in the face. A person would have to be ‘brain dead’ not to take advantage of you and steal this course for $37!

James Scott

If you DO join up with me…you don’t know exactly what your life will be like tomorrow, or any time in the future…but you do KNOW you’ll have a chance, a great chance of being just like me and the people I’ve taught who’ve learned what I’ve taught them…whose testimonials you’ve read…who now live life on their own terms, free of financial stress, free of their prison-like life of working at a job they hate!

Isn’t the fact that by joining all of us Killer Copywriters you give yourself the chance of a life of freedom worth the lousy $37 bucks to find out? If you’re wrong, and within 365 days, A WHOLE YEAR, you think what I’m offering you isn’t right for you, or worth it, you get 100% of your money back! So, isn’t the glimmer of hope I offer worth a few bucks to check out?

...a must read for anyone who wants to learn copywriting the easy way or those who want to just brush up their skills.

I just got off of a plane from LA with your E-book, Killer Copywriting, in hand. Wow! What a spectacular piece. So much great information for such a modest amount; what a great deal!
Just the One Hundred Best Headlines alone are worth ten times the price. During my years of writing copy, I would have given a right arm to have a book like this as a reference. I definitely believe that this is a must read for anyone who wants to learn copywriting the easy way or those who want to just brush up their skills.

Killer Copywriting is full of great, concise, super, all-around, and well thought out information. Copywriting is one of the power skills anyone can and should develop to turn himself into an extraordinarily successful entrepreneur who can just sit on his butt collecting the dough.

Thanks guys. It was spectacular.

John Paul Mendocha – a.k.a. “Dr. SpeedSelling” http://www.speedselling.net

Really, what have you got to lose? What could possibly hold you back from taking the small step to see if that life you want and deserve so bad is right here for you? You’ve paid your dues in life, and now it’s YOUR TIME to get the payback!

Well, that’s it. I’ve nothing left to say except I hope to find you basking in the warmth of the bliss that the light of financial and personal freedom causes when it shines down upon you and your family!

Whatever you decide…I wish you nothing but the best of luck!


Jeff Paul

P.S. Why not start your NEW life right now, and discover the quickest path to making money in anything you ever do…by becoming a MASTER of writing KILLER COPY? You’ve got nothing to lose, and you ain’t getting any younger, so why not do this NOW, while it’s fresh on your mind, and you’re still able to remember what’s going on?

P.P.S. By acting right now, you get substantial savings, an incredible war-chest of eleven powerful copywriting tools and resources worth a REAL $972 that will make you even more money, and an iron-clad, risk-free guarantee!

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